Pallawatsch is a klezmer band based in Vienna, Austria. Playing in a traditional style, the band shares their love for klezmer music and yiddish songs with the audience in every concert. But don’t forget the dancing! The band members learned traditional jewish wedding dances from todays masters in the contemporary klezmer scene and teach them at their concerts. Once a month Pallawatsch organizes a dance session in Vienna which is received well among the members of the vital scene of traditional folk dancing in the austrian capitol.

The band loves to play dances, that are rather unknown to a wider audience. Pallawatsch also has a special program with yiddish love and drinking songs, that are both beautiful but little known.

Pallawatsch played concerts all across Austria and was also invited to perform at festivals in Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.

You can contact us via e-mail: pallawatsch (at) gmx.at

For information about our next concerts and dance events please go to the Termine section of this website.